As an avid watcher of Netflix, I agree with your assessment. I'm not surprised at the root history of the network, as is evidenced by so many "cookie-cutter" scripts. Shoot. Kill. Maim. Gore. Horror. Psychological dystopia. Peak of the bell curve for humanity. We got through one episode of Squid Games and will not be revisiting that one. We managed to watch all 3 seasons of "You" however, with shock and awe as to what was transpiring on our screen. The brilliant, in-his-head, outwardly sweet Joe, who kills with impunity when he cannot protect himself or his loved ones from his obsessions.

Last night, we watched the 2021 feature, "Hypnotic." The psychiatrist/hypnotist shows his dark side from the beginning, placing dangerous triggers in his patients' minds, causing their death or murderous behaviour. Then it all came together when the subject discovered the doctor's connection to MK Ultra. As the documents were clearly visible on the screen, it made me think of this newsletter post, and thought I should add this link to encourage further thought on the matter. https://www.mcgilltribune.com/mind-control-mcgill-mk-ultra/

I know two women who were part of the ongoing experiments. The program didn't really end when it was "officially" ended. Being in the presence of mind-controlled, highly triggered subjects is not to be taken lightly. Sometimes all it takes is one wrong word, or one wrong look, and they will turn on you, if not physically, certainly verbally. Most of the time you have no idea what caused the triggering.

So, do I agree with you that Netflix is some kind of psy-op? Absolutely. Do they have anything good to offer? I've enjoyed all of the music documentaries, especially those that dive deep into the lives of the artists themselves, such as Bob Dylan, Elton John, Taylor Swift, and many others. Of course, there's always tragedies to expose in those stories, but I find them relatable given that I've known many professional musicians throughout the years, and they truly exemplify the broadest spectrum of humanity. Plus, the music clips themselves often bring back great memories of a better time.

I also agree with the need to return to the basics of spirit-lifting, soul searching connections and methodologies that return us to a sense of wholeness and personal wellbeing. The technocracy that is rising its ugly head in front of our faces paints a cold, dark future when it could all be used for good instead. The keywords that seem to be missing from all that we are bombarded with daily are (IMHO): grace, elegance, enlightenment, heart, blessings, mindfulness, compassion, wellbeing, spirit, soul, beauty and love. And many more that I'm sure you can think of.

I will leave you with this, from one of my favourite books, The Leaves of Morya's Garden, Book 1, The Call (1924/25 Helena Roerich):

"147. Half of human life passes on the astral plane, but men do not remember.

Men search for knowledge but perceive it not.

Blessed are you who comprehend the knowledge of the future and its ever-changing outlines.

By love will you learn the boundaries of the new order of life.

The miracle of perception into the future will come without the sound of cannons.

But the bell will summon each wayfarer lost within the forest.

148. Be not depressed—the battle was foretold; thou wert forewarned."

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My wife and I had similar complaints about the new Dune movie. :( I am finding some hope and orientation by reading Michael Meade's book "Awakening the Soul: A Deep Response to a Troubled World." Recommended. https://www.livingmyth.org/shop/awakening-the-soul

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The entire time I was watching Squid Game all I could see was Archons.

I feel like what’s happening in the world now is apocalypse- an unveiling. But what is being revealed and amplified are the darkest parts of ourselves. Our technologies are reflecting our shadow back to us and it seems to be a deliberate attempt to destroy us.

But my intuition tells me that Rapture is still up for grabs if we can reestablish direct lines of communication with the mind of nature. There we can find the wisdom that we’ve lost through years of separation.

Thanks for this.

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Squid Games, Anti Vax.... you're getting all click baitey....

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I wonder if you have ever tried any breathwork modalities, like holotropic breathwork? I believe these techniques are a viable way to commune with the Sacred in an unmediated, direct way. It may be more scaleable than entheogen use, and can be very powerful and healing.

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yes I have tried. I think it is great. I am not really speaking just about entheogens. The Kogi for instance don't use them - they use the Coca leaf. Other communities don't require any psychoactive plants to be in connection.

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beautiful. direct connection may be the only convincing way out of this trap of rationality

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