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When the Intangible Meets the Ineffable

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Are we living in prophetic times?

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The Future Is More Fragile Than You Think

Why Not Anarcho-Primitivism?

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Liminal News, Episode Two

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Envisioning Post-Capitalism

Acid Capitalism

Criminal Pathologies of Late Stage Capitalism

Acid Communism

From Capitalist Realism to Anarchist Idealism, Part Two

From Capitalist Realism to Anarchist Idealism, Part One

Why can't we deal with global warming?

It was twenty years ago today...

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Crossing the Threshold

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Science and Reincarnation

The Yage Organ

Mythologies & Pathologies 2

Mythologies and Pathologies

From Vacillation to Vaccination

A Prophetic Vision of the Near Future

Death and Metamorphosis

What would you do with $1 billion?

The Psychic, the Trickster, and the Afterlife

Crossing the Threshold

Crossing the Threshold

Literary rapture

The Creative Word

Continuity of Consciousness

Consciousness after Death

The Creative Word

The Creative Word: How to Write Great Nonfiction

Viruses, Vaccines, Science, and the “Progress Trap”

Dystopian Follies

Future Timelines

What Happened to Art?

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Averting Amazonian Meltdown

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ETs and Rudolf Steiner

Life and Death in Tulum

Is There Life after Death?

What Technocracy Wants

Psychedelics and Modernism

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Modernism and Psychedelics

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The Dialectics of Awakening

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