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Dzogchen again

Writing the New Myths, Anthems, and Manifestos for the Regenerative Age

Our Civilizational Psychosis

Dzogchen teaching

Subtle Consciousness

Regenerative Future Course

From Cop(out)28 to Regenerative Future-crafting

Prophetic Singularity Watch

Israel, the War, and Jewish Identity

Metamodernism and Its Discontents

Post Thanksgiving Offer

Imagine no Religion

Against the Tech Bros

Corrupt Liberal Democracies or "Infinitely Stable Dictatorships?"

Analytic Idealism: A Revolutionary New Paradigm

A Velvet Apocalypse

Forced Expulsions and Promised Lands, Part 3

"Crisis of Civilizations" with Nafeez Ahmed

Building Our Regenerative Future' Seminar

‘Building Our Regenerative Future’ Returns!

Quetzalcoatl in the Underworld

Forced Expulsions and Promised Lands, 2

Quetzalcoatl in the Underworld

Forced Expulsions and Promised Lands

Quetzalcoatl in the Underworld

Quetzalcoatl in the Underworld

Quetzalcoatl in the Underworld

The Apocalypse Archetype, Part Two

This Interview Might Save Your Life

"Breaking Together" with Jem Bendell


Terror, Liberalism, and the Woke Left

Regenerative Revolutions

Issue Six: Focus on IIT

New Writing Workshop

New Writing Workshop

On Nothingness

The Apocalypse Archetype

Israel / Palestine: Grief and Sorrow

The End of the Beginning?

Coming Waves and Engulfing Floods

A Cultural Crucible

Open Letter to Russell Brand

An Occultist in Manhattan

Issue Five: Focus on Therapy

The City as Dreamworld and Theater

Brand and Circuses

Thoughts without a Thinker; Art without an Artist; Experience without Experiencers

Don't Drink Wine


Burning Man's "Performative Rebellion"

Magic, Miracles, and Morphogenetic Fields

Issue Four: Focus on Ecology

Magic and Miracle in a Time of Climate Breakdown

How Burning Man Failed

Is "Magic" a Sensible Response to Ecological Breakdown and Civilizational Collapse?

Is "Magic" a Sensible Response to Ecological Breakdown and Civilizational Collapse?

Further Reflections on 'Breaking Together'

Complicity, Collusion, or Conspiracy?

The Great Financialization Swindle

Freedom is "Freedom from Freedom"

Origins of the Occult

Earth's Breaking Point?

Hospicing Effective Altruism

Conversation with TetrAIgrammaton

Eternity: Some Thoughts

Toward a Post Post-Truth World?

Issue 3: Focus on Death, Ageing, NDEs

Eisenstein's Theory of Relativism

New Age Q

The Conspirituality Candidate

Sensemakers and Galaxy Brains

Aliens And The Ecological Crisis With Daniel Pinchbeck

How the Wellness Community Lost Its Mind: Part Two

How the Wellness Community Lost Its Mind

Can Our Civilization Shed Its Skin?

When is the point of no return?

Psychedelic Paradoxes


A Purple Future

Invite your friends to read Liminal News!

Crop Circle Comeback!

Rainforest Outrage

The Flight from Reality

Alien Twilight

Alien Whistleblower Tells All

The Hermetic Revival

The Solar Singularity

"Woke" Sensitivity Police Vs. Right Wing Theocrats

The Decoding of All Values

The Geometry of the End of Time

Kali Can You Hear Me?

Toward the Jupiter Incarnation

Toward Gologonooza

Monday Morning Manifesto

Infinite Transgression

Hermetic Tradition Course Starts Today

Physical Immortality in Seven Years?

Whose Afraid of Hermetic Philosophy?

The Hermetic Tradition as the Forbidden "Other"

Liminal Journal, Writing Workshop, Substack Notes

Is the Dalai Lama an Evil Sex Pervert?

Upcoming Seminars

Could Artificial Intelligence Unleash Utopia?

Cosmic Thought, Cosmic Memory, Cosmic Dream

Entering the "Post Knowledge Work" Era

Renaissance Superman

Out of Body, Out of Mind

Angel Tech and Paratheatre

Angel Tech and Sacred Rites

Secret Histories Tickets

Occult Cosmologies and Hyperspatial Harmonics

Fear and Loathing on the Playa


The Great Secret

Occult Summoning

Quetzalcoatl Returns!

The Occult Revival

Secret Histories - Subscriber Code

Secret Histories and Spiritual Revolutions

Short Takes on Current Events

AI: Access Code for Subscribers

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Our Future

Artificial Intelligence and Our Future


Terrible Mineral-Plant-like Spiders Trapping the Earth in a Web of Super Intelligence

The Multi-Orgasmic Socialist

I Smoked DMT

New Writing Workshop

New Writing Workshop, Plus New Issue of Liminal Journal

Network States and Start-up Societies

Is AI Becoming Self-Aware?

The Daimonic Reality of Unhinged AI

Toward a Post-Growth Future

Psycho-technologies of the Future

Reclaiming Soul in the Age of Artificial Man

System Change as Initiatory Opportunity

Envisioning the Psychedelic Future of the Mind

Quick Takes on the Week's Reading

Does Prophecy Matter?

Does the Earth Reincarnate?

When an Angry Bum Spit at Me on Eldridge Street

The Age of Perpetual Self-Optimization

What Is Soul? What Is Spirit?

The Synthographic Singularity

Has New York City Lost Its Soul?

Renaissance, Part One

Quantum Revelation, Part Two

Happy New Universe!