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How to Refute Climate Change Deniers

Birthday Thoughts on Time

Hilma af Klint

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Obsolescence or Resistance?

Bill McKibben's Urgent Optimism

Quiescent Arpeggios

Spoiler Alert!

Does Free Will Exist?

A Self Assessment

The Monarch Program

Post-Capitalism or Bust

The Psychedelic Future of the World

How Does Magic Work?

What's Wrong with Romantic Love?

Look What You Made Me Do

In Support of the Gaza Protest Movement

Taylor Swift, Pop Culture, and Satanic / Illuminati Mind Control

Permission to Go Wild

AI Music Generators and Creativity

The Ascendancy of the Feminine Daemonic

Earth Day Thoughts

Can Reality Be Wrong?

Žižekian Obfuscations, Part Two

Slavoj Žižek's Christian Atheism

Can We Awaken in the Dream?

Thoughts on Taylor Swift

Revolution 2.0

Eclipses, Stonehenge, and World Ages

A New World Is Only A New Mind

Breaking the Fossil Fuel Habit

Amor Fati, Baby!

Easter Offer

Complexity, Consciousness, and Our Psychic Future

Exploring White Christian Nationalism

The Secret to Happiness


Beware the Woke Mind Virus!

Knot the End of the World

I'm sad today

Embracing Our Emergency

Embracing Our Emergency

Burning Down the House!

Limits to Exponential Growth

Generative AI and the Dark Forest

Feeding the Tiger

Reckoning and Rapture

Reflections on Reincarnation

Is Imminent Extinction Likely?

Radical Occultism

Your Brain on Cognitive Capitalism

Ontological Intervention

The World You See Is The Myth You Are In

Who Broke America?

The World You See Is The Myth You Are In

"The Honeyed Nectar of the True Soul-Life"

Israel's Massacre in Gaza

Russell Brand's Conspiracy Grift

Psychedelics, Polyamory, and Post-Capitalism

Psychedelics and Climate Change

Now Is Here

Nostalgia for the Present, 2

Nostalgia for the Present

Cognitarians Revolt, You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Brains!

Degrowth Communism or Democratic Confederalism?

Rethinking "Multitude"

It Also Allows Room for Hope

There Can Never Be An Ending to What Never Was

The Refugee Crisis on my Corner

From Capitalism to Technofeudalism

Last Chance! Late Bird Sale

Building Our Regenerative Future

End Capitalism to Save the Earth?

Will We Have a Regenerative Future?

Mirror Worlds and Shadow Lands

Diving into the Mirror World